If you are looking to instantly create a uniform carpet of grass quickly, you just can’t beat laying down sod. Whether it’s a single pallet you are looking for or an entire football field of green you need. we can help. Call our office today and we’ll get your needs sized up and a price back to you fast.

Benefits of Laying Sod

There are two ways to plant grass in your yard—planting grass seeds or laying sod. The landscaping experts at Clear Choice Lawn Care will gladly explain the benefits that laying down sod has over planting seeds.

  • Immediate Results: One of the greatest benefits of installing sod is the immediate transformation. Instead of waiting weeks for grass seeds to reach their full lushness, you can lay down a gorgeous lawn right away.
  • Healthy Grass: Grass is only as good as the soil it’s planted in. Sod comes with rich soil, providing your new lawn with all the nutrients it needs to get going.
  • No Patchy Areas: We guarantee that your sod will grow evenly from day one. Seeded lawns, on the other hand, are much more unpredictable, and tend to grow in unattractive patches.


The lawn professionals at Clear Choice Lawn Care are more than happy to talk to you about which type of sod would make the most sense for your lawn based on how much water and sunlight the grass will receive and how much traffic the lawn will see. We’ll even quote you a free estimate on re-sodding your lawn. Don’t wait any longer for a perfect lawn, call us at (903) 312-8288 today!

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