Anyone can throw a bag of fertilizer on a lawn and make it greener, but few local companies posses the knowledge, proper management framework, and appropriate commitment to customer satisfaction to consistently produce the lush and weed free turf we all desire. Here at clear choice we can do all of that for you. We have worked diligently to create an effective plan for all types of turf found in the Tyler area.

Weed Treatment

Keeping your landscape weed free gives turf the optimum opportunity for health and growth. Weeds are unsightly and soak up soil nutrients that the turf should be absorbing. Without weeds, which can grow in harsh conditions and spread readily, the turf areas have the best chance to thrive and continue to look green and healthy. We have worked diligently to create an effective plan for all types of weeds found in the Tyler area. This proactive method is the foundation of a weed-free lawn.

Clear Choice does not put commission paid employees to push unnecessary or redundant services on our highly valued clients. We focus on giving you the best return on your investment year after year. Give us a Call and let us show you what we are all about!

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